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About zahra

I'm a mom, An architecture student, a former Montessori teacher and graphic designer, a some what fashion designer and an aspiring "lots of things" ! My ultimate dreams are to travel the world and to the moon, eat at everyplace in the world, try every adrenaline rushing adventure out there and speak at the UN . I love science, art and chocolate, love a good debate and love to learn new things. So while I rant my rambles thank you for teaching me little and big things everyday :) Current obsession: "EQ" 14.6.14

Getting down to business?


Hello everybody!

This is my first post and i want to get down to business. I am a born teacher and like to spread knowledge where ever i go and my blog will be no exception! Muahahahaha and you can’t do anything about that “”…Ahem back to business. My main aim is to not waste your time and tell you what it really is like when you move to the west in particularly Australia.Obviusly because I live here and moved down under around 5 years ago.

So there are all kinds of  people, some have nothing to look back and just get down to business,some get into their smarty pants and bravely face the world with no fear. some take it easy and some just like to test the waters before they get on with what we call life in the west. There are some people who are phobic about losing their identity and i can completely relate to that while others want that exactly!

I’m here really because i will share my journey from the time i arrived to now that i am working and raising a child and successfully being a responsible and organized housewife ,being punctual and timely.And most importantly doing it all quite happily. I do also help my husband run a little business.

So the fact is it is not a joke moving countries even if west is better than the eastern Asian countries in a lot of ways.There is a lot of excitement but a lot to learn as well and its like starting from scratch.more to come!